Memories Made

Kathys Celebration of Life 9/24/2023

9/24/2023: Jake and I wish to thank Heather, Holly, Dale and the rest of the family for entrusting us with such a special day, Kathys Celebration of Life.  

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Shawn and Natalyas Wedding 9/16/2023

9/16/2023: Congratulations to Shawn and Natalya on their marriage! We wish Shawn and Natalya all the best as they start the next awesome chapter of their lives together! 

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Victoria Longs Baby Shower 9/10/2023

09/10/2023: It was such a pleasure hosting Victorias Baby Shower! Thank you so much for entrusting us and our venue for your baby Shower. Jake and I wish you and Phillip all the best as you celebrate starting a family together! 

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Vicki and Gregs Wedding 8/26/2023

8/26/2023 Congratulations to Vicki and Greg! 

Jake and I wish Vicki and Greg the happiest future together as they both start the next fun-filled chapter of their lives together! 

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Lindsey Ewells Bridal Shower 8/12/23

8/12/2023: It was such an honor to host Lindsey's Bridal Shower. Jake and I wish Lindsey endless happiness as she ventures closer to her big day with new and amazing adventures on the horizon!

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Chris and Crista Wedding 3/21/23

03/21/2023: Congratulations to Chris and Crista! Such a wonderful couple! Jake and I wish them nothing but the best as they partake in the next love-filled chapter of their life together.  

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